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What attracts a talented individual to a global company? Many would say it's the corporate culture and work environment that make all the difference.

There is more to QIAGEN, of course, than facts and figures, markets and customers, products and production. Team enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit are a strong part of our corporate culture and identity. In a congenial environment like ours, the exchange of ideas can take place anywhere – not just during a team meeting, for example – but at lunch, over a coffee, or even waiting for the elevator. Surrounded by inspired and like-minded colleagues, inspiration could strike anytime. 

Stephany Foster, Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources, describes the unique culture at QIAGEN: “Beyond our products and continued impact on innovation, what has kept me at QIAGEN for over 15 years are the people and the opportunities available to develop and grow. We have teams of passionate and skilled professionals from around the world, working together to make our company vision of making improvements in life a reality. We have a high level of respect for each other and a commitment to performance and personal integrity. We strive for a culture that values the diversity of thought and experience and offers an environment that encourages constant growth. I am a perfect example of the opportunities that QIAGEN has to offer: I joined QIAGEN 15 years ago in the field of finance and accounting. I was offered the chance to move into HR, and today, I head a global division of 100+ QIAGENers. I hope you, too, consider joining us here at QIAGEN and discover your potential.”

Collaborative, cross-culture & global organization

Time and again, when we speak with our employees at sites across the globe, we hear about the engaging and collaborative environment that helps making QIAGEN not only a successful company but a great place to work.

“I enjoy the freedom I'm given to make informed decisions and steer my products.” 

DIVYA VIJAY PRATHEEK, GLOBAL PRODUCT MANAGER With more than 35 sites in 25 countries, we have grown to be truly global, having rapidly expanded from our flagship site in Hilden, Germany to countries and cultures across the globe. None of this growth would have been possible without the tremendous collaborative spirit that we have fostered from the beginning.

Without a global vision from the start, becoming a worldwide market leader would have been out of reach. A desire to embrace the various styles of communicating and doing business around the world has led to company success and customer satisfaction across the globe.

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